Targets to Shoot at with Printable Shooting Targets

Welcome to Targets To Shoot At. We aim to please those who are Airsoft enthusiasts by providing printable targets to shoot at and. We also welcome those who are new to the game or those who have never played before. If you have never played airsoft before, here is a little introduction.
Airsoft is a recreational war game played for fun like a paintball war game. Airsoft, however, doesn’t use paintballs. Instead, it uses spherical non-metallic pellets launched by a nonlethal firearm called Airsoft guns. The game originated in Japan and spread throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States starting in the late 1970s and through the early 1990s. As with any tactical war games, target practice is important. At, we offer several types of airsoft targets. We are certain any one of these targets will work.


As you will notice on this page, there are several printable shooting targets that you can download for free. These targets allow you to practice and keep track of your score. It allows you to test your competency before playing Airsoft in the field. Though we primarily appeal to Airsoft enthusiasts, we also attract BB gun enthusiasts to use some of the targets we offer.
Though these are printable targets that you can download for free, there are other more advanced targets that you can purchase.
Not sure what target is best for you? You need not worry. Although we offer a variety of targets, we can offer you recommendations of which targets can suit your needs best.
There are specific targets we recommend but also offer a review for each of the targets that we carry
If you need further help, please go to the contact page and send us any questions you have.


We have made some free downloadable targets to shoot at below. Simply browse any of the targets and download them in PDF format then go to town them them.  Thanks for visting


Our Free Shooting Targets
With PDF Downloads
targets to shoot at target 23
targets to shoot at targets 24

targets to shoot at target 16
targets to shoot at target 17
targets to shoot at target 18
targets to shoot at target 20
targets to shoot at target 21
targets to shoot at target 22

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